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August 25 to November 24, 2019

All course offerings are subject to meeting minimum enrollments. Students should select 2-3 additional courses when applying in case a course is cancelled due to low enrollment.

Applications must be received by April 25, 2019

PSY 352- Personality

PSY 383- Health psychology

PSY 457- the psychology of Happiness

CLAS 300 - Art and the Classical Ideal

CLAS 340b - Roman Art and Archaeology

CLAS 452 - Etruscan Art and Culture

CLAS 463/563 - Archaeological Excavation

ITAL 102z - Accelerated Introductory Italian (4 units)

ITAL 202z - Accelerated Intermediate Italian (4 units)

ITAL 310 - Spoken Italian in Cultural Context

ITAL 330c - History of Italian Cinema

ITAL 393 - Internship

ITAL 496a - Topics in Advanced Italian Studies (Food, Wine and Italian Culture)

COMM 310: Introduction to Organizational Communication

COMM 403: Theories of Small Group Communication

COMM 496z: Special Topics: Design of Communication Tools