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We are currently hosted in the XVII c. Negroni palace, near piazza del Popolo, former court house. The Negroni family, originally from northern Italy, moved to Orvieto in the XVII c. and Count Giovanni Francesco was governor ot the territory belonging to the city for the Pope since 1664. One year later Giovanni Battista Negroni was born: he will be a famous botanist and alchemist. There are several fully furnished classrooms, each with space for 20 to 35 students. The beautiful three story building is located not far from the imposing medieval Palazzo del Popolo, and the square in front of it, in the mornings on Thursday and Saturday, fills up with the open-air market stands.


The Center currently includes three classrooms for Arizona in Italy, an administration office and a front-desk office for student inquiries. Abundant shopping and many restaurants and cafes are immediately adjacent.

Gym structures and a swimming pool (located at the scalo - the sub-urban area) can be used and booked at a reduced rate.